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Alpine Apple Haus, Inc. was started in 1986 by a group of four local growers who wanted to pool their resources to pack their fruit for shipping through a single broker.  The first building housed a Powell packing line, office space and cold and controlled atmosphere storage.  In 1992, two additional CA rooms were added to accomodate increasing yields.

In 1995, the original owners saw the need to expand the ownership and sold stock to another local grower making a total of five owners.  That same year, a second 12,000 square foot building was erected to house a new four-lane Aweta sizer, complete with cameras for color sorting - a state-of-the-art addition.  It was the first time that cameras were used for color sorting in this area of Michigan.

A second Aweta grader, a two-lane, was added to the packing line in 1997.  This grader doubled the bagging capacity of the existing line.

After the death of one of the owners and the illness of another, Alpine Apple Haus owners decided to sell the business to the owners of Riveridge Produce Marketing. As of August 2009, the transition became official, and thus marked the beginning of Riveridge Packing LLC.

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